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Before you fill out the following the questionnaire here's a few things that you should know.

1. We have no more that one litter a year, and often not even that.
2. ALL of our puppies are initially registered with limited registration.
3. ALL of our puppies are placed in homes that have an interest in obedience/ agility, and our contract specifies that the dog must complete at least a beginners obedience class.
4. The average price of our puppies range from $1000-$2000.
5. We strongly suggest that if you are looking for a companion dog that you check with your local Dane Rescue. We will be happy to help you contact them, there are many wonderful dogs in need of your loving home.
6. If you are looking for an obedience/ agility/ conformation quality dog and we do not have a match for you we will be happy to refer you to other reputable breeders.

ALL of our puppies are initially registered with limited registration.....yes, even the " show " puppies. It is difficult to find a truly dedicated show home, many will express an interest in showing but in reality few follow through. If an owner has taken a puppy with the expressed interest in competing in conformation dog shows we will consider changing the papers to full registration

IF they prove that they are in fact serious about showing. To us this does not mean that the dog is entered in the first available show at 6 months old to see how the puppy does............hence needing full registration. There are a lot of things that a potential show puppy needs to learn to be prepared for the ring. Unless the owners are serious enough to follow through on them they are not doing the puppy justice, nor in our minds would qualify for a full registration puppy. Just a few things that we consider mandatory for pre-show would be:

A minimum 8-10 week obedience class.
Canine Good Citizen Award.
Regular attendance in a conformation class.
Frequent outings in public places for socialization.
At lease several matches in which the puppy has the opportunity to experience and put to use what he/she has learned.

All of our puppies go to obedience homes first......with the understanding that if they would like show in conformation and complete at least the above mentioned things we will evaluate the puppy and consider changing the registration. We do this for the protection of our puppies, our line and the breed in general.

It is important to us that all our owners understand that their puppies MUST have obedience training. This insures a well behaved dog that is unlikely to have to be re-homed due to poor manners or behavior.........and if the situation should arise finding a new home for a fully obedience trained dog is much easier. It is a very easy task to "show train" an obedience trained dog but living with a dog who has no control or basic manners is bad for everyone. 

With all puppies going with limited registration -- we have the bottom line decision as to whether this dog is of possible show/ breed quality at a better age to make that determination. Maybe others can make that decision at 6-12 weeks but we can't make more than an educated guess looking at a puppy of that age. We find it much easier at 5-8 months to get a truer picture of what the dogs potential is, and it is of an age that we can elicit other breeders, handlers and judges opinions when making our determination.

Limited registration does not stop the owner from training, socializing the dog or getting ring experience! All of these things are a must for a dog that will be entering into conformation and anyone who is serious about it WILL follow through with these simple things.

An owner who " wants to show" and doesn't do anything to prepare both themselves and their dog is looking to loose.........not the type of owner that we want to have a dog with full registration. It is just a tiny jump from " here is my great show puppy" to " guess we'll just breed her/him instead".

Limited registration guarantees that none of our puppies will be bred without proper training, socialization and a true evaluation of the dogs structure, temperament and owners dedication to both the dog and the breed in general.

If you are interested, please complete
this form, the details are completely confidential and will not be given to anyone outside of KennelKappadane.  All information will be sent via a e.form to KennelKappadane who will respond promptly.  

This is the start of the process for your Kappadane Puppy.

Application Form


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